The Week That Was #14


This was the week that Trump used Twitter to announce an air strike and Zuckerberg’s programming struggled to compute yes/no questions.

Here’s five other things we discovered:

No matter how bad it gets, we’ll always make memes

The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal has exposed the potential threats to our personal privacy and it’s terrifying. However, the internet has reminded us that when we’re scared, humour can really help.

When Mark Zuckerberg spoke to senators this week both the technophobic senators and Facebook founder were fodder for many memes, picking up on Zuckerberg’s robotic awkwardness and senators’ ignorance of the internet.




Iceland intends to lead the anti-palm oil movement

The discount shopping brand has announced that it plans to remove 100% of palm oil from all its own brand products ahead of other UK supermarkets.

It’s an ingredient we’re realising is in loads of the best selling foods in the UK, and it’s bad for us and bad for the environment. Iceland has set itself an ambitious deadline of removing all traces by the end of this year. So, it’s pretty serious about this.

Swimming pools have an extra step

Which BBC Breakfast’s Mike Bushell found out the hard way when he slipped while interviewing England’s swimming team at the Commonwealth Games. We think he dealt with it quite well.

Here’s the moment in beautiful slow-mo:


These photos track a full range of athletic movements

Talking of athletics events, here are some composite photographs which capture the multiple range of movements by athletes. They’re pretty mesmerising.



If you can’t confuse them, convince them

Online bank Monzo offers a persuasive argument to use simple words to describe complex topics like finance. We agree. Confused people don’t buy into things very well. They often end up a little like this:

That’s all for now, see you next week folks.