The Week That Was #13


Here’s five things we discovered this week:

Jim Carrey Draws Cartoons and He’s Serious About It

So it turns out that the famous funny man has an artistic side. But rather than drawing grumpy cats or mischievous beagles he’s using his creative talents for self-expression and political commentary.

Here’s a couple of our favourites:



We Dunno How To Write The Letter ‘g’

American institution John Hopkins University set us all the challenge of identifying the correct version of a lower-case ‘g’’. Easy, right? Well, Researchers reckon most people can’t.

Can you?

You can check your answer here. Why do people find this so hard? What else have we been reading wrong all this time? Huh? *Looks suspiciously at laptop screen*

Pokemon Go is Back to Save The Planet

OK, so maybe the game didn’t actually disappear –  maybe we just got bored and forgot about it. To win us back to the addictive augmented-reality app they’ve organised an event to encourage people to clean up litter.

Gamifying aspects of life seems to work. It worked when it got kids and adults excited about exploring parks. Here’s hoping it might get them excited about cleaning parks too. And that they stay excited!

It Takes a Cheshire Cat to Catch a Crook

This week, Warwickshire Police published an e-fit to help find a suspected burglar and, well, it turned out like this…

Apparently, the man, if the suspect is a man, is wanted in connection with a ‘distraction burglary’. We wonder how this rogue would even cause a distraction!? He looks so…un-abnormal.

And finally…

We found a whole load of wonderful pics of a pack of dogs at Disneyland. But this isn’t just gratuitous cuteness. This was part of the poochies service dog training, which involves practising in busy spaces. And there’s no space busier than a theme park. It looks like it wasn’t all hard work.


Sorry, not sorry about this: here’s another delightfully doggy gallery of canines adapting to disabilities with few complaints.