The Week That Was #12


Here’s 5 things we discovered this week:

It’s Time To Face The Facts, Not The Fake News



We have to admit it was an intense week for social media. The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica personal data scandal (simply explained in diagrams here) is pitting us all, advertisers and users, to rethink how we use the platform.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, broke his several day silence and took a long time to say very little. Essentially they’re in ‘investigating mode’ and are figuring out how to make it harder for third parties to get hold of personal data. Oh, and prevent regimes influencing elections. That’s pretty important.

But this won’t happen overnight. So, although people are wondering whether to delete their accounts or to drop their advertising from Facebook, it is probably best to be ready, not rash. This is a good opportunity for everyone to increase their understanding of data protection, especially as GDPR is on its way.


Comic Relief Drops Celebrity Saviours



The charity has announced that its dropping the ‘white saviour’ stereotype from appeal videos after being criticised for portraying a problematic image of poverty in Africa.

This is a big gesture from the charity. It means that it’s acknowledging that ‘Poverty Porn’ is an issue we need to be aware of. 


Netflix Has Designed A New Font



The streaming service has busted out its own bespoke font with a clean, crisp typeface to slap on every thumbnail and the like. Design nerds will love it and so will investors, as it’s gonna save the company a whole lot of money on font licensing.


Someone Recycled MC Escher



To help an app that connects waste producers and waste companies, an illustrator developed this artwork inspired by MC Escher’s waterfall image.


At Last, Biscuit Flavoured Tea Is Here



And finally, Yorkshire Tea have created a tea bag that tastes like a biscuity brew. Woohoo!