The Week That Was #11


Here’s 5 things we discovered this week:

Here’s How Not to Pay Tribute

One of this week’s biggest stories is the loss of Stephen Hawking, who inspired us with his revolutionary scientific ideas and his ‘mind over matter’ attitude to motor neurone disease.

A death like this will often make us think about the impact a person has had on the world. As well as inciting increased interest in their work (currently, there’s a couple days wait for Amazon delivery on A Brief History of Time) it provokes an interesting range of tributes. There have been many lovely, sweet ones, and then there have been some controversial political tributes and some very, very strange takes that have been written without thinking.

Although a great loss to this world, we can all agree that the death of the inspirational physicists is a great boost to the afterlife’s average IQ.

Here’s one of our favourite moments from the man:

You Know Nothing About These Papercut Portraits

But you should. With some intricate paper folding and cutting, someone has perfectly captured the image of several Game of Thrones characters.

Monkeys Can Teach Us A Lot About Advertising

Not the actual monkeys, obviously, but studies of their behaviour certainly can. After decades of research, a group of scientists have revealed some pretty interesting insights, by comparing how decisions are made by h humans and monkeys. But don’t worry, it’s nothing like Planet of The Apes. Yet.

This Illustrator Adds a Character Everyday

Since the start of 2018, an illustrator has set himself the challenge to add a character every day to a massive cartoon fight scene. We imagine this is what the new Avengers film will look like.




We’re Not Ready to be Cyborgs Yet

And finally, a self-claimed ‘cyborg’ was fined because he had his train travel card chip implanted in his hand. Which is apparently not allowed. The 34 year old man makes a fair point that sometimes the law is little behind technology. However, his arguments might have received a more favourable hearing in court if his legal name wasn’t Mr Meow-Meow. Full name, Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow.