The Week That Was #10


In light of the unnerving news that US President Trump wants to meet North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un, here’s 5 positive and creative things we discovered this week:

These Iconic Logos Were Gender Swapped for IWD

To highlight “unconscious bias” in advertising, equality organisation Creative Equals swapped the male characters in several iconic logos to women for International Women’s Day.



Tinder Is Campaigning for Diverse Emojis

On the subject of diversity, dating app Tinder is petitioning to have emojis that represent interracial and LGBT couples. When you consider that 5 billion emojis are sent on Facebook messenger every day this is quite a significant project.



You Can Rent A Scary Robot Wolf To Protect Your Farm

Instead of a feeble scarecrow, Japanese farmers can now hire a robot wolf designed to deter wild animals like wild boar from their crops. It costs about £82 a month, comes with a range of howling sounds and even uses solar-rechargeable batteries. It’s set to be the must have toy for farmers this Christmas!



The Big Cheese Festival Can Relate With KFC

In Brighton, The Big Cheese festival un-brie-lievably ran out of their titular product, much to the chagrin of many ticket buyers. But unlike KFC, the organisers of the event could’ve handled the PR & Social backlash a little feta (sorry!).



Being Kind is Pretty Cool

And finally here’s a heartwarming feel-good story. This week a waitress in Texas – who went viral after helping an older customer cut up their food – was rewarded with a scholarship so she can go to college. Hooray for her!