The power of #PMA.


Manifest’s motivational speech to end all motivational speeches*

*May be a slight exaggeration.

It’s a Monday morning, weeks are being planned, emails are being replied to and phones are ringing. Suddenly, above all the Monday morning grimness, you’ll hear that well known phrase, that expression of sheer desperation that I’m sure was coined at Manifest: “I can’t cooooooope!”

The fact is, however, that we can all cope – and we can actually cope really bloody well. As our Helen wrote a little while ago:

“Turns out there’s very little you can’t sort with a smile, creativity and a job-lot of dedication.” (What a ledge)

In any corner of Manifest, you’ll find people that constantly give it their all to deliver some seriously amazing results, which is what makes Manifest, Manifest. But in all honesty, you don’t get that sort of work, day in, day out, without a few breakdowns (or Britney’s as I like to call them) along the way.

I recently learned a hugely valuable lesson and one that I will remember for my entire career whenever I’m feeling rubbish: absolutely nobody can handle absolutely everything, absolutely all of the time. I’m a firm believer in the phrase “a problem shared is a problem halved”. Sharing a problem with someone, anyone, often makes you realise that you can in fact handle it and if not, then at least you’ve got someone else fighting your corner.

So, the power of PMA – positive mental attitude. It’s a thing and it’s very real; like the Force or Hogwarts or Santa. Positive thinking will ultimately lead to you being back at your desk belting out a bit of Whitney in no time. Just me? Okay then.

Negative thinking can lead to all sorts of nastiness, both professionally and personally. It’s generally no good for anyone.

If, like me, you think the worst of every situation, then stop. Now. Stop it. You know who you are.

We’re all pretty amazing, whether it’s landing some quality national press coverage, or designing and building a frickin’ amazing new website, we’ve more or less mastered the art of #PMA. But if all else fails, I always have this stuck to my cupboard to remind me.