Peek Into The Process – ‘Do you feel crafty, punk?’


Hopefully, last year you were lucky enough to receive our eco-friendly Christmas e-card. It was extra special: a twist on the traditional festive scene incorporating clients, projects and everything and anything we love (mainly dogs).

It was like a Where’s Wally picture, but with tiny people, mini beer bottles and a lot of fake snow.

It’s no Michelangelo, but there was certainly a lot of creative work involved. The creative process utilised a full range of our specialisms (design, copy, photography) all to spread a bit of Christmas cheer and a few festive feels.

So, don’t despair if you missed out. As an extra special gift, here’s a sneak peak at the creative process from one of our designers. He’s pretty candid about how he felt at first (pretty doubtful), but by the end result…well, why not take a look.

Peek Into The Process – ilk’s Client Christmas Card

Scott Tyzack, Designer

“Now, I’m not really into the “Arts ‘n’ Crafts” sort of scene so this worried me a bit. But, I was willing to give it a go.”

The Client Christmas Card. Always a ball-ache. As a studio, we spend about 95% of our time working on client projects, so when it comes to producing work for ourselves, it’s a bit tricky. Firstly, finding the time and, secondly, creating something that a) we’ve not done before and b) isn’t shit (so easy to do at Christmas).

After a few sketches and sit downs, it became apparent that we wanted to produce something a bit more “crafty” than previous years. Now, I’m not really into the whole “Arts ‘n’ Crafts” sort of scene so this worried me a bit. But, I was willing to give it a go.

We started thinking about how we could incorporate our clients, the things we love, and tie them all together with some sort of Christmas message.

An idea came about to create a miniature Christmas scene. The focus being a wreath which would hold a festive kinda message. The surroundings would be the miniatures which we’ve chosen to best represent our clients.

Sounds feasible, right?

Well, where the f**k do you buy miniature beer bottles!?

Turns out, it’s not actually that difficult, most of the objects were sourced and bought from Etsy.

So, we began creating the base of our scene – the wreath. A few boxes of moss later, it was starting to take shape. Next, laying the snow, which was actually quite therapeutic in a weird sort of way.

Before adding all the other objects, we thought it best to get the messaging sorted. This is where Rich, one of our copywriters, came in. We thought the scene deserved something a bit more exotic than just “Merry Christmas”.

In shot: Everything set up for the scene. Out of shot: Sweeping brush for all the fake snow.

With the line thought up, we began carving them out and testing different layouts within the wreath.

After a few re-prints, we found a decent composition that worked within the space available. Letters done, we used them as a base to fine tune and sculpt the wreath and objects around them. With the addition of some gold card for the “Christmassy” text, and a few extra touches, we had almost finished.

More trees, people and another good sprinkle of snow later, we were good to shoot. The end result? Well, for a “not really an arts and crafts kinda guy” a half decent, bespoke Christmas scene that turned out not to be the massive ball-ache I thought it would be.