Obscure (made up) band names


Somedays you’re really, really busy and doing ‘all the work while crying’. Other days you’re not as busy. Other days you’re sitting around, chatting with the guys in our creative studio and you say a random thing and someone says ‘y’know what, that’d make a killer band name’. And you spend the rest of the afternoon coming up with ridiculous band names.

These are the days that must happen to you. And these are usually on the days you’re doing ‘all the work while crying’. Because, really, there’s never that much of a ‘down day’ at Manifest.

Anyway. We thought what good is coming up with all these ridiculous names if we don’t do something with them. If only we had a bunch of hungry creatives ready to design the hell out of them. Oh wait. Ace. So here we go.

First name out of the hat – One Inch Pigeon. This was actually the name of a very successful pub quiz team I was involved in (along with A Tribe Called Questions) back in 2006 and one that we thought would be a great name for a band at the time. So yeah, we gave this to two of our designers and they came up with these.

Scott’s option has touches of post-hardcore / screamo about it. It reminds me of Thursday and Transistor Transistor (what do you mean you’ve never heard of them?!). I would totally buy this and listen to it in a dark room while I carry an empty sketchpad and a werewolf mask.

oneinchpigeon-1 oneinchpigeon-2 oneinchpigeon-3

Michael’s option draws similar comparisons, but isn’t letting go of it’s punk roots. Think Anti-Pasti or something from Alternative Tentacles (like Zeni Geva or something).

1Pigeon-1 1Pigeon-2

Love ’em. This is going to be a regular thing, we hope you enjoy.