New people, new desks…


The question of how best to contain the office fruit is perhaps one of the least important issues ever to be solved in the Manifest office. And yet, solve it we did, thanks to a mixture of Martin Farrar-Smith and Sweden.

In other words, we have new stuff in the office. New desks, new chairs, new storage, (new fruit receptacles) and even some new people to fill up all the new space that seemed to mysteriously appear once we started removing the chunky shelving that bookended each of the old desks.

[Note from Martin – by the time I got around to taking pics of the office, the fruit had all been eaten. We’re a healthy bunch here it seems]

So now, were you to stroll through our strange entrance-y type area (which, admittedly, remains in a state of mild, temporary disarray), push open the door and gaze across our new low-rise desk formation, you’ll see faces that weren’t there before.

Faces likes this:


Lizzy P

Lizzy’s our new PR Account Director. From Australia. She’s brought a small dosage of accent with her, but we strongly suspect she’ll be saying things like ‘crackin’ flags’ and ‘eee by gum’ soon. Because that’s how Yorkshire people talk.



Beth has come on board as our Creative Account Director, joining the CAM team. She loves excel spreadsheets like kin. And don’t get her started on CPUs.



Hannah is our new Client Development Manager. We’ve never had one of those before, so it’s pretty exciting! Her role will be to ensure that Akon’s new album sleeve and sleeve note are designed and written by Manifest*. I’d say performed too but that would be stupid.


Adam W

Adam is a Senior PR Account Executive. He has a love of American Football. So much so in fact, that not only does he insist on calling his desk ‘the end zone’, but he’s also prone to wardrobe malfunctions approximately half way through the working day.

All in all, this means we’re on-the-grow once again. More to come soon!

*Views expressed about Akon are my own, and do not reflect the views of the company towards the heroic RnB legend.

By Martin Farrar-smith