Posted on: 02.09.2022

Moving Content in the Age of Social Media

These days, we all know social media is about the powerful algorithm. What the algorithm wants, the algorithm gets. And what does it want from social media users in the age of TikTok and Instagram? Moving content.

Why move to video?
Simply put, engagement is down. Posts that would once have racked up 20,000 views are struggling to break 2,000. But video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. So it’s a pretty simple calculation for everyone from big brands to niche meme posters. If you want a slice of the 100 million hours users spend watching video posts on Facebook, then moving content is a must.

But it’s not just about grabbing hold of short attention spans. It’s about preference, too. 6 out of 10 people prefer watching online videos versus television, according to Google, with Hubspot reporting 78% watch at least once a week, and 55% every day! 75% of those video plays are on mobile, eMarketer tells us, so it’s a fantastic chance to get your message across in a quick, engaging format on the go. 

Easy ways to switch from static to moving content
You’re convinced. We know you are. But how do you make the switch from tired static posts to exciting, engaging moving content?

Product shots? Now they’re product videos.
If you take product photography, you’re halfway there already. Just record a few seconds of video with your existing set-up, perhaps holding the item up for the world to see.
Check out this example below.


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Carousel to video
Even if all you have is a suite of product photography, you don’t need to miss out on the moving content bandwagon. You can use carousel posts to create engaging videos, with some brand-relevant tunes over the top. There are loads of free editing apps, such as my personal faves CapCut and Splice, so get stuck in.

Not the K-Pop sensation. Behind the scenes footage. Just film everything, and find the content that works later. I like filming things like my post office runs or even making myself a coffee. Or use apps like Procreate to record your screen whilst drawing or creating! Just a few seconds can open up all sorts of options for video content. Find an example below of BTS with our client Dopsu.


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Make a GIF
A couple of static photos is all you need for a repeating GIF. It’s a format that works well on TikTok, looping in time to music. The app makes it super easy to create this kind of content.

Animation wizard
All our other tips looking a bit easy, are they? Well how about firing up Adobe suite and sprinkling a bit of animation over your digital content? Anything from engaging transitions to full, moving illustrations. See here from our ilk insta, our number 8 from 36 days of type


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Top tips
The best thing about moving content? Short and sweet. Just like these top tips!

– I’m serious about the short and sweet thing. Under a minute works best.
– Start with a good hook, not a plain brand card.
– Hit the trends, with popular sounds or songs. There’s a boost there!
– Use captions when there’s speech.
– Keep things varied, and mix up your formats.
– If you want engagement, ask! Questions and requests for comment and shares.

OK, so you’re sold on moving content. You’re filming BTS. You’re jumping on the latest TikTok bandwagon. You’re animating. You’re creating GIFs. But… hold up. We’re not saying moving content is everything. Just that it’s something, and that something is pretty important across the spread of your social media activity.

So throw in some videos alongside your static posts and beautiful photography. Hit the trends that make you laugh, not every single one that comes along. Show what you want to show, don’t become a slave to the camera. And most importantly? Have fun with it! If it’s not your voice, your personality and your ethos then your followers will rumble you. And unfollow you. Authenticity beats the algorithm every step of the way (probably, I don’t actually have any proof of that).

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