Posted on: 09.02.2021

Introducing Lillie, Junior Designer

We’re always on the lookout for fresh designer blood. And, as everyone knows, there are two main ways to get find it:

1) Find a remote castle in Eastern Europe, dangle upside down from a turret for a bit, then swoop down and gorge on the first person you think might have an InDesign license (unless they look handy with a stake).

2) Offer regular work experience slots to promising young designers.

To be honest with you, option one is a bit tricky just because of the background research you have to do to make a call about the licensing and also because the blood drinking thing is on the illegal spectrum (keep it schtum, yeah?). So these days we tend to mostly use the work experience method.

But hey, in this case it really paid off. Lillie graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Nottingham Trent University and had worked part time as a design assistant for a sports company before she began a placement with us at ilk.

And we say placement, but it was clear to us pretty early on that it would become more than a placement. We began by giving her a few past projects to get stuck into, but before we knew it she was delivering real-time work for our clients – and to a standard that set off our internal EMPLOY THIS PERSON QUICKLY klaxon.

And we did. It was a no-brainer. And not just because of the obvious talent and potential, but because she seemed such a good cultural fit for the company. We could tell that even through home-working and video calling. And luckily, that seems to be reciprocated… here’s what she had to say:

“I have loved working at ilk so far and am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to jump straight into the real world of design, working on a wide range of briefs for established clients.

It’s a strange time to start a new job; virtual meetings, working from home and no Friday after-work drinks! However, every single member of ilk has been so welcoming and made me feel like a real part of the team. I really can’t imagine a better way to have begun my creative career!”

So yeah, we’ve got an exciting new designer. Woooooo!

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