Posted on: 30.04.2020

Introducing Couture Living – Curation and Connection

Every blog or article these days seems to start the same way. ‘In these difficult times…’ and the rest. But with the work we do as a fully integrated agency, a new, expansive brief getting to grips with a fantastic brand couldn’t be more welcome. And that’s just what we’re getting stuck into with Couture Living, a lifestyle brand sourcing some of the finest fabrics on the market, and turning them into made to measure curtains and blinds from their Yorkshire workshop.

The business has been growing in the year or so since launch, building a healthy customer base and a reputation for quality and service. We were asked to show where we’d take the brand, with everything from look and feel to comms and strategy on the table. After a competitive pitch, we’re now planning for and implementing the new direction we know will take the brand – and sales – to the next level.

It all started, though, with an important caveat. Something we can’t say to clients often enough. We never change things just for the sake of it. So you won’t find a new logo, or a drastic brand redesign. The identity worked, so we worked with it. But the strategy behind the brand needed real progression.

Existing content really pushed the idea of traditional skills, and the quality service Couture Living customers receive. But we wanted more. We wanted to position Couture Living as a lifestyle brand, not just a service. Somewhere consumers could look for inspiration. A real style resource.

So we framed our activity around a new brand proposition: Curation and connection. Couture Living curate the best fabrics, from the best designers and studios. And they connect consumers with those designers. They bring beautiful curtains and blinds into your home.

From that mission flowed a new tone of voice, adding uplift and direction. And new content ideas too, featuring the makers, collections and real homes that will provide a more cohesive and enticing snapshot of everything Couture Living has to offer. Executing that tone and content across social media and the website will come next, with ilk taking over social media management and planning, adding PR into the mix to make sure Couture Living build a deserved reputation as a thought leader within the industry. A comprehensive, integrated strategy working across multiple specialisms to deliver on the same goal for the client. A fantastic example of how we love to work, firing on all cylinders.

So now it’s time to draw back the curtains, and show the world where we’re taking Couture Living.

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