Posted on: 27.08.2020


Our ilksters are an enterprising bunch, and we’ve all had a little extra time on our hands over the past few months. So it comes as no surprise that a few little lockdown passion projects and side hustles have made themselves known. New skills have been learnt, fresh instagram accounts created, and unusual hobbies embraced. And MD Nev, if you’re reading this, all in our own time. We haven’t been baking sourdough on the company clock, we promise.
First up it’s Mel, who’s learnt to love her foodie side over at @beantherecookedthat.

Describe your side hustle in a sentence.

All things eating out, eating in, cooking, baking and recipe making! 

Now do it in emojis.  

???‍?‍?? ? ? ?


What inspired you to give it a go?

To be honest, it’s always been something that my boyfriend and I have thought about doing, but we just never took the plunge! With lockdown, we were doing a lot of cooking and experimenting so we finally bit the bullet and started an Instagram. That, and our friends were definitely getting sick of our food pics 24/7! 

What’s it taught you? Give us the full Eat Pray Love.

It’s taught us that running a social media account is really bloody hard (big up the ilk social team, you guys are amazing).

But it’s also opened our eyes to a whole new community that we never knew existed. Everyone is really supportive of each other, and we’ve made some great friends through our account.

Tell us about your proudest side hustle moment.

We’ve been sent parcels of food from companies to try out and been invited to restaurants to sample food and write reviews which has been really cool (and was the ultimate goal!)

Does that make us influencers? 😎

Any chance whatsoever you’ll still be doing this next year?

100%, we absolutely love it, so stick around with us if food is your thing!


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