Posted on: 18.03.2022

How to Win Big On TikTok

While TikTok may have started off as a niche platform, with a mostly young demographic singing and dancing, it’s fair to say the channel has now evolved into a mainstream hit, with the mass appeal that comes with it. 

In December 2021, the video-sharing platform eclipsed Google as the most popular website of the year. But the true popularity of TikTok can really be seen in the actions and updates of some of its biggest competitors in the social media space over the last few years. Youtube introduced ‘Shorts’ in 2021, and ‘Reels’ arrived across Facebook and Instagram the same year. This shows how the smart folks at Facebook and Google are very aware of the power and popularity of TikTok. 

With TikTok’s popularity showing no signs of slowing down, it’s getting harder to ignore the platform’s relevance and impact when it comes to reaching social media objectives. So if you’re thinking of adding TikTok into your strategic social media mix, here are our top tips for winning big on the app. 

Make TikToks first and ads second. 

This is advice that comes straight from the horse’s mouth. TikTok advises advertisers and brands to focus on making TikToks first and ads second. This means buying into the content and themes making waves on the site, and then finding a way to weave in your message.
The best approach is to stick to trends that hold some relevance to your brand and product. While not every trend will work, the great thing about TikTok is the frequency at which new themes and topics gain popularity. So you can just try again!
Brands that have mastered making TikToks first and ads second include:

Aim for the -Ables.. Shareable and Relatable

Similar to any other social media strategy, TikTok output should offer the intended audience something in return for their attention. Arguably this applies to TikTok even more than its competitors, as the platform is tailor made for bite size, shareable content. The ability to offer your intended audience value through entertaining or informative videos is a recipe for success.

Many brands have seen great success across both organic and paid by creating ‘How to..’ style videos and tutorials. This approach offers two benefits: The first is increased reach, thanks to users saving your videos so they can share them both on and off the app. The second benefit comes from the boost offered by the TikTok algorithm, which favours actions such as saves and repeated watches.


Take a platform first approach

When building a content strategy for TikTok, it’s important to align your approach with the way the platform performs. That means creating content that TikTok favours – short, quick hit videos, with captions that are snappy and relevant with a little tongue and cheek. It’s also helpful to use relevant hashtags that will propel your video to the top of the discover page.

A platform first approach for TikTok also requires an adjustment in how you measure success. While common metrics on other platforms include followers, likes and comments, for TikTok it’s important to keep in mind that user behaviour is very different. While your videos may perform well, follower count may grow more slowly. Video views and shares should feature heavily amongst your KPIs, as they highlight real success on the platform.

Last but not least.. 

Have fun!

TikTok is best suited for fun, relaxed down to earth activity. Brands who find success on the platform usually find it through offering authentic content, Stuff that rings true to their brand, while also sticking to the lighter side. Creating this mix requires some trial and error, but once it’s nailed the results are worth it. If you’re able to build an engaged community on the app, they’ll amplify your message again and again.

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