Getting Grumpy at London Coffee Festival


Launching the new look coffee brand at the UK’s biggest coffee gathering.

Designers love coffee. I think we can all agree on that. So it’s kind of a no brainer that when you get asked to go to London Coffee Festival, where the great and the good (and Starbucks and Costa) all convene to celebrate the love of the thing that pretty much keeps most industries going, you’re in like flynn.


This year though, we had a much better reason to go than seeing ‘tote bag mountain’ and grabbing as many freebies as we could. This year, we were re-launching a coffee brand. Yes, 12 months from starting the work, we were heading to Brick Lane to see the new look Grumpy Mule. The feeling within ‘Team Grumpy’ could only be likened to 30 christmasses come at once. And possibly the odd birthday.

This was a pretty big deal for us. It was a project that we’d poured our hearts and soul into. We’d done the research and developed a brand that we were all immensely proud of. London Coffee Festival was where it all came together and where we found out whether we’d got things right.

Thankfully, we had – the reaction to the brand was all positive and the feedback it’s been getting from customers has made us giggle like giddy children. We’re still fine tuning a new look website, so once that’s done, we’ll be putting up a full case study on what we did and how we did it. But until then, here’s a few pics of the new brand. Stay Grumpy!