The Football Crest Index – ilk Inspiration Days


Every year, every ilkster is allowed to take an ‘Inspiration Day’ to go out and do something unique and interesting. They’re a great way to break from busy agency life, recharge the ol’ creative batteries and return with new energy and new ideas.

Now that we’ve hit the new year, it’s time to share our inspirations in a series of blogs. Hopefully they’ll inspire you too.

To kick off we have Scott, one of our designers, to tell us about The Football Crest Index, an exhibition on the history of football club crests at The National Football Museum.

The Football Crest Index

Scott Tyzack, Designer

A few months ago I stumbled across a Kickstarter campaign for a book entitled “The Football Crest Index”. The idea of the book was to show a detailed history behind the crests of the 49 clubs that have graced the Premier League. Accompanying each crest history would be a new piece of artwork from 49 designers who support each team.

As a United fan, it hurts me to admit that this is one of my favourite pieces from the book

It was a great independent project: The first 170 copies were going to be sold through Kickstarter and the next 230 sold through retailers, with all profits going to charity.

I liked the idea, so I pledged too.

It’s often surprising how these things turn out. Their goal was to raise just over £7,000. And then 538 backers pledged to raise £20,916 – almost triple the amount they needed. Impressive, eh?

So, on top of the book being printed and the new artworks becoming available as prints, they held an exhibition at the National Football Museum in Manchester showcasing the spreads.

Here’s a few of them…

If you’re around in Manchester before the end of January why not pop into the museum and take a look.