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Dating Disasters, D**k Domination and Death

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Love is in the air this week.

Ncuti Gatwa announced that Sex Education has been renewed for a third series.

Netflix is expanding its reality tv offering with Love Is Blind, a self-explanatory series where a contestant gets engaged to someone they’ve never seen before.

And Stranger Things teased season four with a new trailer ‘From Russia With Love’.

The only commitment we’re making is to a Netflix subscription.

Welcome to the week that was.

Dating Disasters

We’ve all got a disastrous first date story. 

Most of us keep the experience to ourselves. Or perhaps we tell a trusted few. 

But Twitter is taking over tube platforms by plastering them with some very awkward first date anecdotes.

The social media giant is also creating ‘The Dating Twitter Advice Bureau’, an immersive experience where visitors can browse installations inspired by real-life tweets, lay flowers in memory of ghosted messages and spin the ‘wheel of misfortune’ to find out if their next date will be suave, confident or simply expensive. 

Guess where I’m going for my inspiration day?

Source: The Drum

Source: The Drum

Put A (£1) Ring On It

Speaking of failed Valentines…

It’s reported that those gearing up to pop the question spend on average three months of their salary on an engagement ring.

But it looks like Poundland is looking to reduce that amount.


The bargain store has re-introduced their £1 ‘Bling Rings’ and ‘Man Bands’ for the second year, made especially for those who maybe aren’t as invested in their soon-to-be better halves.

What’s more shocking, is that 40,000 people have already purchased a piece from the bargain bling range. 

Love isn’t all about money, but we’d hazard a guess that the only finger anyone popping the question with one of these will be having shoved their way, is one to the right of where the ring should go.

Source: Poundland via BBC News

Source: The Sun

Rough Night for Netflix

We can’t skim past the biggest event that took place this week. 

This year’s star-studded Oscars didn’t disappoint – Parasite made history for being the first-ever non-english speaking film to win an Oscar, Bong Joon-ho made his Oscars kiss, and Julia Butters took a turkey sandwich onto the red carpet with her. 

And for a reason we’re still not quite sure of, Eminem made a surprise appearance that left everybody feeling more awkward than the time La La Land was accidentally announced as the winner of Best Picture. 

Move over Vossi Bop, this is the Oscars Bop…


Source: GQ

Source: The Oscars

Leeds Lasses

Or lack of. 

Music fans were up in arms this week after the line-up for Reading and Leeds was unveiled, with male artists dominating the stage but just 20 of the 91 announced acts being female. 

There hasn’t been a female headlining act since Paramore in 2014, so perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised that girl power is in short supply this year. 

It wasn’t just festival-goers who were disappointed, though.

In response to the obvious gender imbalance, The 1975 frontman Matty Healy pledged the band would “no longer play festivals that have too few female artists on the bill.”

It shouldn’t be happening, but if the band’s promise makes just one more person ask “where are all the women at?” then we’re in full support.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Just the Ticket!

Some disappointing news for Love Island contestant, Paige, now. 

In an interview this week, everyone’s favourite funnyman and singer-songwriter, Lewis Capaldi, has announced that his hit ballad ‘Someone You Loved’ wasn’t about his rocky relationship with his ex. 

It was about his dead gran. 

Happy V Day folks!