BTS: Don’t Be Like Dave.


We take a look at the production work behind our recent campaign for BMF

As part of our latest campaign for client British Military Fitness, we created a series of ‘Don’t Be Like Dave’ videos – highlighting the extreme and ridiculous lengths some people go to in the name of ‘exercise’.

Here’s ten minutes with our Head of Production, Henry Hayhurst-France, for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the video; where the real magic happens…


Describe the shoot in three words? 

“Productive… Hilarious… Nipples.”

How did you approach the shoot?

“To execute the mock-interview style, we needed to be clever in our casting choices and how we controlled the shoot itself. As we were limited on pre-production time, we approached actors rather than auditioning them, which allowed us to go straight to our preferred choices – and luckily, they were all available! Using a closed studio environment at Studio 81 in Leeds, we could maintain consistency in lighting and setup to turn around all of our content within one day. When we finally had a technical blueprint for the day, and after some extensive research into our props, we were finally ready to shoot.”


What was the biggest challenge?

“Without a doubt, shooting our character Alice proved the toughest part. Our clever creatives conceptualised her to be suspended upside down for the entirety of her interview – a great comedic value, but a real complication from a production perspective. After a lot of head scratching, some googling and a quick paddle in the surprisingly deep shallows of youtube (it was research…), we finally found a solution to make it possible. Our very enthusiastic Alice was a real team player and up for the challenge her character presented, but keeping safety in mind, we scheduled plenty of contingency into her character’s time on set, allowing us to practice or even overrun if necessary. With more crash mats than Activity World and some crew members on hand to help her on and off the freestanding frame, we were able to make it happen safely.”


What were the outputs?

“The shoot proved highly efficient; it delivered the conceptualised campaign piece, all supporting media assets and even some additional video content for social media. Thanks to the campaign’s satirical style, working with each actor to execute their characters was great fun on set and produced some effective content for the client. I mean, watching a grown man in spandex vaseline his nipples will probably stick with me forever.”

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