Beer, bricks and world records.


Everything’s coming up Manifest.

As anyone who works in an agency will know, it’s a lot of goddamn hard work and not exactly nine-to-five. But then again, it’s exactly what gets us Manifestees springing out of bed in the morning. That, and all the drugs – KIDDING!

Anyway, having recently won a whole lot of new business (awesome, obviously!) things have been particularly crazy of late. But now we’re safely into the summer, it’s time to reflect on those crazy few weeks in April and May when there just didn’t seem enough hours in the day!

So what exactly have we been up to??

Well, a quick snapshot into Manifest’s world over the last couple of months looks like this:

  • Smashing a Guinness World Record for British Military Fitness
  • Delivering social media training for over 150 KPMG partners across 5 cities
  • Launching our amazing, if slightly tetchy, Grumpy Mule rebrand at the London Coffee Festival 2015
  • Attending the Balmoral Show to launch social media activity for ABP
  • Filming with dozens of small business owners across three cities for KPMG
  • Supporting the UK launch of Berlin’s best selling beer, Berliner Pilsner
  • Clocking up the air miles – meetings in Turin, Berlin and Athens in one week
  • Launching the E4 brick house at the BRE innovation park to a lovely bunch of journos and industry bods


ANNNND breathe…

It was hard (occasionally fraught!), but the team smashed it and managed to deliver some serious results for our clients. Turns out there’s very little you can’t sort with a smile, creativity and a job-lot of dedication.

Tackling a monumental workload is only possible when a team pulls together and works as one. Everyone was ridiculously busy, but there was none of that ‘woe me’ business. Oh no. Instead, there was always someone taking the time to make a brew for another Manifestee if it looked like their forehead veins were getting a bit too lively; to offer a sugar fix in the event of the dreaded ‘inbox shakes’, or simply to lend a hand when needed.

So we’re going into July feeling pretty smug with ourselves, and rightly so. Of course we know that things will get a bit mental again – no one at Manifest is ever not busy. But these few weeks have taught us that anything’s possible when you’ve got a shit-hot team backing you to the hilt.