5 things that rocked our week – #9


Five things from the internet of things that made us squee.

In a week that saw Apple announce loads of new features on a phone i’ll never be able to afford what with my children’s addiction to toys and my wife’s addiction to renovating our house, here are five other things we saw this week that rocked it like Brand New did last night in Manchester.

#1. Our MD Nev shared his wisdom on how to nail your next PR pitch.


#2. I love this app. I love this app so much I’m seriously considering prying the iPad out of my daughter’s fingers and keeping it forever (I won’t really).

Image via Fiftythree

#3. I really hope this is good. Seth Rogen’s involvement scares me. The source material should mean it’s ace. Preacher is coming.


#4. Cracking article about productivity. As learnt at Google.


#5. Ever wondered what it would be like if all your favourite movie stars were in a club together? Wonder no more!

Enjoy your weekend! Love team Manifest. x