5 things that rocked our week – #6


Bits and bobs that made us a bit happy inside.

Martin abandoned us this week and hopped over to Spain for his jollies (HOW DARE HE?!) so we’re left to pick up the shattered mess he’s left us in. Not really – we‘ve just about managed to cope without him. Music’s taken a bit of a dive though – Friday tunes in the office are not the same today.

Anyway, it’s me that’s been entrusted with the weekly What’s Rocked round-up, so on we go…

#1 – Channel4 did a really clever thing and launched their Newswall, i.e. news in gifs. When your job involves knowing ALL THE NEWS, why would you not love this?


#2 – McNair Edwards shares his photographs of passengers embarking on the longest railway journey across America, and they’re beautiful.

McNair1-285x300 McNair3-300x243 McNair2-285x300

#3 – Disney films summed up in terrible Microsoft Paint drawings. Because why not?


#4 – Peter Baecker came to London to launch Berliner Pilsner. And it was epic. A silver catsuit-clad man dancing like his life depends on it, in a bar, in Soho. As far as jobs go, this one’s pretty damn fun.


#5 – @getinthesea is my new favourite thing. Angry tweets about stupid stuff. Into the sea you go.

And that’s it folks. Martin returns next week, probably all relaxed and with a tan and that.

Ugh. See ya later.