5 things that rocked our week – #5


Some things we saw that we thought weren’t rubbish off of the internet and that.

So I was really busy last week doing photoshoots (I know, it’s not *really* an excuse, but soz) and I missed a post. Promise it won’t happen again. Ok, i’m going on holiday next week so someone might fill in for me if I finish my handover in time otherwise, again, soz. Here’s 5 cool things that I saw that made me laugh / pin / squee or all of the above.

1. Meet Okilly Dokilly – the world’s first Ned Flanders themed Metal (or Nedal) band. I *really* hope they’re all ripped under their jumpers.


2. Can someone buy me this t-shirt, like, now please? Peak hipster.


3. Toru Iwatani shows his original drafts for Pac-Man.


4. Your new favourite waste of time! Agency or Porn! No, it’s not a ‘what would you rather be watching’ quiz. Sorry.


5. Some genius has mashed up 300 movies to create the best version of Uptown Funk.

Right. Onto that handover. See you in 2 weeks!