5 things that rocked our week – #2


Cool stuff we saw this week.

So last week I had tonsillitis so was house bound. Thus, no post. This week, i’m sorta fine, so here’s 5 things that made me smile this week.

1. What have you been listening to this year? Probably not any of these. Which is a shame. Get on it!


2. Really, really good article from It’s Nice That for design graduates about what to put into their portfolio.


3. FINALLY. You can unsend emails in gmail! Sorta.


4. NME is going free. Print has to change, apparently. Side note – this site is ace.


5. Right. So this was AGES ago, but I found it again and it made me SQUEE. Jimmy Fallon went to Bayside High.

That’s your lot. Next week’s post will be sponsored by an epic hangover from our Manifestival. x