5 things that rocked our week – #15


Giving you all the feels in 5 handy links.

Wait. It’s Friday already? Jeez louise. Flown by hasn’t it? And ended with everyone* a big puddle of emotions after watching that John Lewis Christmas ad. Anywhos. He’s five sweet things from off the interwebs.

#1. It’s a bit old, but my god did this brighten my day when I saw it.

#2. I know Halloween was last week, but this is a great read about late night movies and, in particular, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is one of my all time favourites. Also gives me an excuse to upload this…


#3. Good god almighty how good is the new Netflix brand?? REALLY. REALLY GOOD. That’s how good. Simple and bold and that strapline?! Zowie.


#4. This. Is the new Barbie ad. Repeat. This. Is the new Barbie ad. It’s great. Really clever, really funny and about bloody time.

#5. Time to really get your gif on. Instagram have launched their own gif generator – Boomerang. Check it out!

See you next week! x


*not even watched it… sorry!