5 things that rocked our week – #14


Things to make you go meep.

I missed another week, didn’t I? Wish I had an excuse, but I really don’t. It just totally skipped my mind. Bad Farrar! This week saw us at Manifest party it up at the Northern Marketing awards AND the Alchemist launch party PLUS we got killer coverage for James Clay’s Beer Advent Calendar! On a personal note I upgraded my mac to El Capitan and immediately regretted my decision. Like the fella says though, if you didn’t have the stuff that sucks, how would you know something was cool? Anyway – here’s 5 other things that gave us all the feels.

#1. It was Back to the Future day on Wednesday and the internet went frikkin’ nuts. But out of everything that came out of Wednesday, I think this memo suggesting that they change the name is the best thing ever. And do y’know what? Señor Spielbergo would have made that change.


#2. The Battles love-in by tv and ad execs continues with Channel 4 joining forces with the band to create a film for Random Acts.


#3. Cracking interview with GQ’s fashion director, Elgar Johnson. This man has IMPECCABLE taste. Even if I do say so myself.


#4. FLIPPING LOVE this poster for Carol. Just something about pushes all my buttons.


#5. This song has been on at Manifest all week. And we all love it. Make it the soundtrack to your weekend people!

I’m not here next week as it’s my birthday (buy me toys), so I might let someone else forget about it. Laters. x