5 things that rocked our week – #10


Another week, another batch of awesomeness.

This week saw some pretty good stuff come out of Manifest, where we found ourselves the recipient of 6 award nominations. Here’s more on that and some other cool stuff that made us all warm and fuzzy inside.

#1. The shortlist for the Northern Marketing awards was announced. We’re up for 6 (six)!!!!


#2. Facebook is finally getting a ‘dislike’ button. Prepare for your friends count to drop faster than Miley Cyrus’ knickers on a photoshoot. He’s what our MD, Nev Ridley had to say about it (the dislike feature, not Miley’s underoos.)


#3. A spectacular waste of time (in a good way). Should designers code?


#4. Movie studio: “Aw man, the Guardian gave us 2 stars…” Designer: “I got this…”. Genius way to make a bad review look like a good one.


#5. Photography slot of the week goes to this beautiful post from Creative Boom. Sun-drenched images of the golden age of skateboarding (tip: look at these then go watch Dogtown & The Z-boys followed by Bones Brigade).


Have a great weekend. I’ve had a really busy week, so i’m gonna be all like this…