5 things that rocked our (last) week #8


5 cool things that happened last week.

I had tonsillitis (again) on Friday so instead of posting 5 things I was sat, feeling sorry for myself watching a shed load of old, awesome movies (WHY THE HELL HAD I NOT SEEN THE WARRIORS BEFORE?!). Anyway – I still have 5 things to share with you all, so here they are.

#1. Google went and got a shiney new logo. Designers rejoiced. Well, most of them anyway.

w704 (1)

#2. I used to love the old Donnie Darko website. Turns out it was done by these cool cats and they archive all their old sites! Enjoy!


#3. Check out Cécile Dormeau’s gifs and illustrations. They’re tres spectaculaire (that’s very spectacular in Tribiani-French).


#4. I don’t agree with the sentiment, but i do agree with the gifs. Mic Wright confesses “I love Apple Music and can forgive its flaws”.


#5. Get your ass down to your local hipster bookshop. PYLOT magazine has launched and it looks ace.


There. Don’t you feel better now? I sure as heck do.